On this page, I will include examples of my writing. As a Creative Writing major, I specialize mostly in poetry and fiction but I expand into. all genres and am constantly increasing my versitality of skills.

I am currently a part of the SU Writers Institute program, as well as a recipient of the Weis scholarship for creative writing. In high school, I attended my district’s School for the Creative and Performing Arts program for literary arts, where I spent my four years of high school taking 25% of my class load in advanced writing instruction.

Check back on this page as I upload samples of my work.

Writing from the Soul

This is a personal essay I wrote that I submitted as my college essay. With it, I was accepted into all 7 colleges I applied to via the Common App.

Murder at the Fountain

This is a play I wrote for a 24 Hour Play Festival my university held last semester. It was performed onstage by a group of talented actors as part of the event.

If I Am Only Eighteen

A poem I wrote about coming of age and being a writer, at a time when I realized I did not have a liscence to drive a car – a potentially deadly, dangerous vehicle – but have always had full permission to write. This poem explores the idea that words are arguably one of the most powerful – and potentially dangerous – things in existence.