Marvel Film Data Analysis


In the most recent of my explorations with using the Flourish data visualization program, I conducted an analysis of data on Marvel films. The data set I used shows statistics on a range of Marvel films, with categories such as budget, revenue (in North America, other countries, and worldwide), and distributor. For each film, we can see how much money it was able to generate and easily determine how profitable it was for Marvel. Moreover, we can look for trends among the budget, distributor, location, and more to see if there is a pattern of what factors affect a Marvel movie’s profitability.

Below is the data set used in this exercise:

First, I created a searchable database to organize the data.

Next, I created a bar chart to display the budgets of the films.

Next, I created a line chart to show the relationship between total (worldwide) revenue and release date.

Then, I created a packed circles visualization to display the North American revenue for each distributor.

I also created a treemap visualization for the budget per distributor.

I then created a scatter plot for the budget vs. worldwide revenue.

Here is a box plot showing the relationship between distributor and budget.

Here is a violin plot for distributor and worldwide revenue.

Last, here is a survey made with this data.